ML Private Clients work with a whole range of advisors and within their partner network have the ability to service any requirements you may have.

Whether that’s accounting needs, financial planning, insurance, medical practice advisory services, financial brokerage the MLPC team and partner network will provide a holistic approach so you receive the right advice.

Virtual CFO

Welcome to the new world of business accounting services for SME’s.

Cloud based IT software has changed the way SME’s work with their trusted advisor. Today’s proactive accountant can assist you in streamlining business operations to remove the inefficiencies within business and provide managerial accounting services.

At MLPC we utilise the latest in cloud technology to assist you the business owner/investor in removing labour intensive mundane tasks. We do this for several reasons but the main reason it allows us as accountants and business advisors to work closely with our clients and provide a CFO business relationship.

This inturn allows us in advising our clients on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that relate to your particular business. We can then review these KPI’s and isolate any areas of concern and work with you the client to improve these underperforming aspects of the business and assist in driving the business forward.

If your advisor only prepares end of year financials for you and hasn’t embraced the latest in business technology, it’s time to seriously consider your next move, why pay for their inefficiencies? Let the team at MLPC show you the possibilities.

Family Office

With more and more time constraints on individuals and business owners, there has never been a time where advisor and client need to come together and work as one. This is where the family office concept comes into play.

Our Family Office team works with you to develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive financial strategy to meet your personal and family objectives – assisting you and your family in preserving and growing your wealth, protecting against risks and reaching your chosen goals.

It’s about turning high-income earners into high net wealth individuals and family structures.

Through our MLPC client wealth portal we work closely with you and our partner network in developing strategies that are inline with your objectives. Our wealth portal enables you to see in real-time a comprehensive snapshot of your entire financial world, with regular insights to track how things are evolving.


A tailored app for the medical profession

Developed by Medical Specialist Accountants and Business Data Analysts in consultation with Practice Advisors in assisting Practice Owners to help better understand their business, the Dynamic KPI Reporting platform or DKPI for short will help shape the way medical businesses conducts business.

One of the most powerful reporting systems out in the marketplace and designed purely for the medical profession, whether that’s; dental, allied health, general practice or any other medical profession for that matter, this software is a must.

It’s not simply about collating data anymore is about analysing data and the DKPI system does that in leaps and bounds. The system integrates with most leading practice management software out in the market place and is constantly being updated, as well as being integrated to your accounting software.  

MLPC utilise the DKPI system as part of their Virtual CFO service and can be tailored to almost any type of medical business. This powerful reporting tool enables MLPC to conceptualise raw data and present it in a user-friendly platform for all relevant stakeholders to confidently understand the trends within their business.

If you want to understand your business in more detail and the Key Performance Indicators relating to this then contact the team at ML Private Clients. We would enjoy the opportunity to assist you and your business.

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