Efficiency Vs. Effectiveness – Which Is More Important for Medical Accounting

The world is a Process.

No matter what business you are in, you’re sure to have dealt with numerous processes that are inherent in the daily operations of your business. In fact, not only in business but in every aspect of modern life, processes play a very important part.

Similarly, accounting is one of the most important processes for medical facilities in Australia. Unless this most important business function is carried out to perfection, services are bound to suffer. And this, in turn, is sure to affect the reputation of the medical facility in question. Therefore, medical facility administrators are always on their toes to make sure that the accounting processes remain on-point.

And whenever it comes to any process of the twenty-first century, two terms always come to the fore: efficiency and effectiveness. These are two terms that have become intimate with all forms of business processes, and accounting is no exception.

But while these two terms are always juxtaposed in any form of discussion, they are widely different terms that carry separate connotations. So, which of these is more important for medical accounting in Australia? Which one should you aspire to incorporate in your Australian medical business?

We are going to discuss all this in today’s post. So, stick around till the end.

Efficiency & Effectiveness: Horns of A Dilemma

Let’s start by defining the two first. Put simply, efficiency is the state of getting the maximum work done with the least amount of input, while effectiveness measures whether the work done has had the desired effect or not. Seems a bit esoteric, yeah? Let’s understand efficiency and effectiveness with an accounting example.

Suppose you hire an accountant who’s extremely fast; she (or he) can perform tasks at lightning speed, balance the books every day before you close up, and record all transactions with no backlogs. Now, that’s efficient.

But what if you discover that this very efficient accountant’s work is fraught with mistakes?

Mistakes…that can harm your business in the long run?

Now, let us consider another effective accountant, one that gets nothing wrong. But this person is so meticulous that he (or she) double-check everything and spends such an inordinate amount of time over frivolous details that your services risk lagging.

Would you really call that effective?

And which one should you choose in this case?

Which Way to Go?

Truth is that efficiency and effectiveness in medical accounting are two sides of the same coin and must be treated as such. While you can’t hope to sacrifice effectiveness to gain efficiency, the reverse is also not exactly feasible.

Medical accounting is one of the most critical processes that are carried out in any medical facility. And it needs to be carefully conducted to ensure that the right outcomes are obtained. As a result, vying for only efficiency or effectiveness alone is not the way to go.

What is needed is a balanced approach that blends the two in the right manner. Such an approach can help to create the optimal combination of efficient operation with effective results. Doing so is the only way to guarantee a medical business that caters to all stakeholders equally.

However, relying solely on human accountants and traditional accounting processes cannot lend the required mixture of efficiency and effectiveness to your medical business. In order to achieve the perfect blend, you need to focus on moving towards modern accounting practices and utilising automated tools that ensure your accounting processes are efficient as well as effective at the same time.

Modern accounting tools such as automation and cloud technology work together seamlessly to eliminate human errors. They are exact, to the point, and never lag behind. This ensures that the accounting processes of your medical facility in Australia remain top-notch.

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