Corporate Social Responsibility

At ML Private Clients (MLPC) we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something all businesses should strive towards, regardless of size and turnover. It shouldn’t be left to the big corporates to exercise CSR and there are many ways businesses can commit to operating that builds a better future. At the end of the day, we are all one people and we share one world.

You might be wondering what CSR is, well there are many interpretations of this concept but for MLPC, it’s the way in which

 businesses conduct themselves and the impact the organisation has on its surroundings, whether that be its environmental footprint, social contributions, moral position or its ethical and economic conduct.

MLPC conducts business in a manner that adheres to these core principals and is always striving to better ourselves and improve our approach to its CSR.

This is why MLPC are proud to announce our partnership with the amazing charity HeartKids.

HeartKids is the only national profit for purpose charity dedicated to supporting children, teens and adults affected by congenital heart disease all across Australia. HeartKids also fund life-saving research, provide information and advocate for these families’ needs.

Supporting HeartKids through life.

Join us in helping HeartKids kids