ML Private Clients (MLPC) are a proactive accounting firm specialising in the medical profession that utilises the latest in Cloud Software to streamline processes and create efficiencies both on a business and individual level.

Our Virtual CFO services is everything you would expect from a
traditional business accountant but with a twist. Because we streamline the process of doing business we can spend more time with our clients in analysing their business and provide real value through our unique performance platform.

Our Family Office service is for the medical professional/s behind the business on an individual level. This is where we work with our network of advisors in delivering more than just a tax return. It¹s about assisting our clients in reaching positive goals.

If you would like more information about MLPC and what we do please contact us.

Who Are We

We are a team of like-minded professionals striving to deliver positive outcomes and experiences for our clients.

Our Mission

Empower our clients. To raise the level of understanding of what we do and why we do things so our clients can replicate this within their business and personal situations.

What We Do

We communicate with you and utilise the latest in cloud technology to automate mundane and labour intensive tasks so we can concentrate on the things that matter, you and your business.

Our Team

Shannon holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) and is a Director at ML Private Clients (MLPC), a firm that specialises in the medical sector. Shannon now concentrates his efforts in advising…
Experienced BI Specialist in end to end solution delivery. Skilled in data modelling and Microsoft BI Stack, SSIS, SSRS and SSAS (Tabular Model) and Power BI.
David is one of the funding Directors of ML Private Clients (MLPC), a firm that specialises in the medical sector. David is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) and a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)...
With 12 years’ experience in the area of Marketing & Advertising, he has worked across several industries and retail. Pablo is passionate in all aspects of marketing, which extends to digital marketing...

Why choose us?

We are accountants and advisors that have spent our professional careers working with medical professionals. We understand your profession

Fixed pricing, no hidden surprises. Why should you be penalised for calling, emailing or communicating with your advisor. With MLPC it’s a set monthly fee.

We are an advisory service with a strong background and focus on cloud technology to create efficiencies across all facets of our client’s requirements, whether business or individual.

Is key to what we do. Communication is the cornerstone of what we do, MLPC’s Ethos. We want to know what your doing and what your thinking, as this enables us to provide the best advisory service possible to you, our client.

MLPC, has worked diligently to create a network of like minded partners that are client focussed. Whatever your requirement is, we have you covered and can deliver a holistic client approach. You engage us, we’ll look after everything else.

Utilising C-Suite Reporting, a game changer in medical practice reporting. Integrating with your practice management software and accounting software to deliver a new level of in-sight into your medical practice.

One of the preferred content providers to the latest medical professional resource. Delivering high-level technical content to the medical profession for the soon to be released MediHub app.

If you’re looking for an advisor to get involved with you for the journey and not someone that stands on the sidelines then contact us now.

Would you like to start a project with us?

We are always looking forward to work with you, we believe we can manage and help you on your finance while you focus about the important aspects of your business.