5 Ways In Which A Virtual CFO Can Upgrade Your Healthcare Service Provision

Healthcare has always been an industry where accounting services are of prime importance. With a high volume and high amount of cash handling, frequent billing operations and emergency services, any healthcare service worth its salt needs to be ready to take care of its financials in a professional manner.

While large medical establishments may find it easy enough to hire a dedicated CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to look after their affairs, this is not the case for small and medium healthcare businesses.

A majority of the healthcare services which operate on a small scale often don’t have the budget to hire, train and deploy an in-house CFO. Yet they require the necessary services. This is exactly where a virtual CFO can help.

In this article, we are going to take a look at five ways in which a virtual CFO can upgrade your healthcare service provision.

Pay Only For What You Need

As a result of rapid digital transformation, healthcare services have been able to reap the benefits that come with hiring a virtual CFO. As opposed to a full-time employee who you have to pay not only for their work but for their time as well, a virtual CFO comes with no strings attached.

When you work with a virtual CFO, you pay only for what you need and nothing more. This leads to better cost-effectiveness for your medical business and hence better services and profitability.

Enhanced Flexibility

A virtual CFO can provide your medical services with a wide variety of skills. A virtual CFO can help you with their diverse expertise. From basic accounting services to advanced financial advice involving cash flow patterns and cost optimisation within your business, they do it all.

Further, digital healthcare trends suggest that full-time CFOs can offer only a fraction of the skill variation that virtual CFOs provide. By adapting and changing their required skill sets as per the requirements of your business, your virtual CFO can be your go-to person for all things financial.

Immediate Productivity Improvements

When medical practitioners hire a full-time CFO, they have to devote a certain amount of resources training them to match the business operations. This takes away from them the valuable time they could be devoting to their patients.

With a virtual CFO, you don’t have to take responsibility for training the professional. Virtual CFOs take up their work from the get-go; so, you don’t have to worry about finance and accounting services. This, in turn, lets you focus on your core competency; thus, productivity improvements are seen within a short period of time.

Greater Control

A virtual CFO gives you greater control over your healthcare services business. The task of a virtual CFO is to streamline your cash flow, optimise accounting services and recognise and mitigate pain points.

With a virtual CFO, you know exactly what you need and when you need it. You also get greater clarity regarding your business. This creates a crystal-clear picture of where your business is heading.


Latest digital trends suggest that most medical practitioners are looking to scale up their business. With a virtual CFO this task becomes easier. Virtual CFOs can quickly and effectively adapt themselves to suit your needs. This makes them perfect for any healthcare service provider.

What’s more, a virtual CFO goes beyond mere accounting services. They can guide your business with the latest digital trends and analyses that can go a long way towards improving your scale of operations.

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